Trainwreck OG From East Van Boutiques

$28.00 per unit

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  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Chronic Or Severe Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Product Description

Beautifully done by East Van Boutiques

Trainwreck OG

Strain Overview: A super speedy Trainwreck crossed with super heavy sativa stalwart OG Kush. The result is an accelerating ascending but also ultimately relaxing effects, the best of both worlds, dependent on personal tastes of course.

Looks (9.3): Very attractive, frosty deep but lightish whitish green with sweet subtle purple accents. A top shelf scope sighted sparkle, with thatchy red hairs reach from here and there lending a contrasting countenance to already eye pleasing medium large blossoms of considerable density.

Smell (8.8): Primarily pointed with burnt skunk and acrid fruit purpleness. More spicy peppered tones come and go as the smooth OG skunky fueled Kush redolence tickles and wrinkles the nose. Scents significantly sharpen on break up bouquet, purple stays smooths and OG scintillates.

Taste (9.1): Smooth given the sharpness of scent, surprisingly so. Purple influences remain along with skunky musked up funkiness, just more even and still enjoyable. Semi dank and still aromatically pungent, but mellow flavors leave the most memorable impression.

Effects (9.3): First effects come on like a freight train of racy activation and scintillating sativa stimulation, most assuredly Trainwreck in responsibility. Very strong in initial result with a still waiting for the edge to wear off dependency. Moderately expansive and quite long lasting, sativa fans needing a jolt shall rejoice in a dose of this Trainwreck OG.

Indications: Good for appetite stimulation, chronic fatigue, headaches, daytime pain relief, depression, mood enhancement.

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